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Computer USB Full Form

Computer USB Full Form

USB Full Form in Hindi, what is the use of USB, USB Full Form in English, what is the meaning of USB – Hello friends as you know. That every day we bring some new information for you, today we have brought all the information related to USB Full Form for you, so you guys read this post completely. Because this information is very important, let’s know about the USB Full Form.

USB Full Form in Hindi

USB Full Form क्या है: USB Stands for “Universal Serial Bus” और USB का मतलब होता है एक ऐसी device या cable जिसकी help से आप अपने computer से उसके अलग अलग पार्ट्स को Connect कर सकते है.

Use of USB

It is useful for connecting two devices and apart from this, you can also insert a memory card in your computer or laptop.

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